FAIR WARNING: I’m Scheduling Things

Here’s the deal… my computer is getting packed on June 19th, I don’t know what day I’ll lose internet, and between here and there I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!  There’s packing, writing, house repairs, kids, school things, craziness. So much craziness! And keeping up with blog posts and tweets isn’t going to be possible.

For every social media outlet I have I’m scheduling posts now. And I may not be around to turn them off in the event of a world tragedy. After June 26th I’ll be off the internet for about a week. Once I cross into Canada I’m not even sure my phone will work. That means that I can’t turn off an auto-post if World War III breaks out.

Scheduling things in advance, and not being there to turn them off, is always a calculated risk. Even if you aren’t scheduling sales tweets there is always the risk that a tense chapter of the serialized novel might come out at the same time as a major tragedy. Or that a post on diversity might pop up on the day someone says something that insults women, or minorities, or religions, or atheists, or LGBTIA+ people (which is every day if you read the wrong Twitter feeds).

If that happens, please understand that it isn’t intentional and I’m not trying to fan any flames, start a war, or be insensitive.

If possible, I’ll log on and delay or delete a post as needed.

Hopefully everything will be wonderful while I’m away and we’ll all continue on without a hitch. But, if there’s a hiccup, please bear with me.


<3 Liana <3


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