Query Packet Critique

$25 – A full critique of your query, synopsis, and first five pages including help reworking your query if needed.

This is the best option for authors pursuing traditional publication with minimal help. Most agents (and editors from small presses) will ask to see the query, synopsis, and first few pages of your manuscript. From this they’ll determine several things: 1- if your story is one they’ll love, 2- if your story makes sense, and 3- if you can write well.

Agents and editors are looking for authors who have developed their voice and skills to the point where they will need very little help to be shelf-ready.

It seems hard to believe that a query and 5 pages will tell an agent whether or not you have the chops to write, but – trust me – it is more than enough. From years of experience editing both fiction and non-fiction I can tell you the same thing the agents will: if an author makes mistakes, you will see it in the query and first few pages.

Overwriting. Repetition. Poor grammar.  Inconsistent voice. They’re all on display in your query.

This option is also good for authors on a tight budget. The mistakes you make in the first few pages are all visible here. If you know how to take editing suggestions, this critique will give you everything you need to edit your manuscript without paying for a full manuscript critique.

+ Add an elevator pitch review for $5

To reserve a space please contact me at liana.brooks1@gmail.com