Editing Services

Submission Packet Critique (synopsis, query, and first 5 pages) $25
First Chapter (up to 20 pages)  $50.00
First Three Chapters (up to 50 pages) $100.00
Entire Manuscript Critique $1.00 a page minimum of 200 pages.
Emergency Fee to Jump the Queue  $50
* all page counts are double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font, formatted for Microsoft Word *

To reserve a space please contact me at liana.brooks1@gmail.com

What is a content edit?
Content edits are the second stage of editing. After you’ve gone through and made sure you’ve used the same name for your hero, haven’t left any scenes that way [insert fight here], and have done a basic spellcheck you hand your manuscript to a beta reader or editor to find the plot flaws. A content editor looks at pacing, plot, character development, and context within the genre then tells you where things are working and where you need to do some major work. Content edits keep your book from being flabby, slowly paced, or meandering to the point where you lose your readers. After a content edit your book will need at least one round of revisions (possibly more), and then a line edit to find any grammatical errors or typos.

Why hire an editor?
There are no good writers, only good editors. And while every author should learn to edit themselves we all need help on every book. None of the books you love went unedited. There isn’t a single book on the bestseller list that wasn’t worked on by an editor. You can write a book alone, but you cannot prepare it for publication alone. A good editor won’t rewrite your book, but they will tell you what needs to be fixed, what needs to be cut, and what needs to be kept. Editors aren’t all doom and gloom, they will be your cheerleader too. Don’t be afraid of letting someone edit your book. Yes, there will be changes, but they’ll all be for the better and they will make your book amazing.

Why get a Submission Packet Critique? 
Your submission packet is what takes you from obscurity and secures you an agent with contacts in the traditional publishing world. You need that packet to shine. While most agents will forgive a typo, they won’t be interested in a lackluster query or an author who doesn’t know which genre they belong to. For $25 I can make sure your query, synopsis, and first 5 pages are in their best possible form so that you can put your best first impression.

Why get only a few chapters edited?
Edits for one or three chapters are recommended for authors who are querying their novel or submitting their novel to contests. These chapters are the ones most requested by contests, agents, and editors and that means they need to be polished to a high shine to stand out in a crowd. You will need to take any advice given in a partial manuscript edit and apply it to the rest of the book. But, for an author who isn’t self-publishing, this is an economical way to make sure your novel is ready for scrutiny. You can rest assured any agent or editor who signs you will do a full manuscript edit before publication.

Why get a full manuscript edit?   
If you plan on self-publishing your novel, it needs to be edited. There is no way around that. You either have your manuscript edited after you sign with a publisher and the money comes out of the royalties as the percentage the publisher keeps; or you pay for editing before you publish when you self-publish. In a market where thousands of new books are released every day there is no way you can be competitive with and unedited book. A full content edit allows you to offer readers a novel with professional polish. If you’re serious about having an indie career, you need a content editor and a line editor.

If you are looking for be traditionally published but don’t have access to reliable beta readers or a critique group, a full manuscript edit can help you too. Just be aware that when you do sell the manuscript, you’ll go through the editing process again to make the manuscript fit house and imprint style.

What do I get for my money?
I will provide content edits that focus on the the whole story, pacing, plot, and character development. I’ll post notes throughout the manuscript using Word and Track Changes. I’ll tell you where, when, and why you’re messing up. I’ll tell you what you’re doing right, and what you shouldn’t change. I’ll also provide a detailed letter of what I think will improve your work. If needed, I can provide a list of reputable line editors who can whip your commas into shape and keep your participles from dangling.

Every writer is at a different stage of development. All writers (including me) have trouble editing their own work. A fresh set of eyes can not only improve your writing, but can help you refine your style so you stand our in a crowd.

What genres will I edit?
Science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, and crime fiction for any age group. If it goes boom, bang, or crash, I can help.

Why let me edit your work?
I stared beta reading and critiquing in 2005. Prior to that I was a newspaper editor for a local paper. I’m a hybrid author with experience prepping books for Big 5 publishers, agents, small presses, and self-publication. I know what people are looking for right now and I know how to fix your manuscript.

Why am I offering my editing services?
I have four growing kids who need new sneakers and the cost of living in Alaska is ridiculously high. I’d rather edit for you than stock shelves or wait tables.

Do you have more questions?
You can always email me at liana.brooks1 @ gmail.com, subject- Editing Question, if you have a question that isn’t answered here.


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