The Twins of Darkness And Good Short Story Blog Lives Again!

Necromancy Mouse

Do you know how hard it is to find a necromancer in Alaska? It’s just not a booming business up here. So, for a little while, the short story blog – Darkness and Good – was dead. Things happened. Words were not written. But we lucked out and found this lovely little mouse! Isn’t she adorable? For the small fee of some truly amazing blueberry goat cheese, the furry necromancer was willing to step in and bring our blog back from the dead.


Now, no tale involving the undead comes without a twist. You know this, so I won’t keep any secrets from you.

The twist is this: when we brought the blog back from the dead we brought a new author with it. We caught Canadian Thea van Diepen in our webs of dark magic and trickery, and now her free short stories are also available on the blog. If you love Thea’s short stories, be sure to check out her books.

New stories will be added every Wednesday. Mine will be up every second Wednesday of the month and maybe also the fifth Wednesday in the months that have them.

Happy reading!



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