Technical Difficulties… or why the blog has been so quiet

So, several of you have noticed that – despite this being post-winter break – I haven’t really got back to blogging full time. I’m sorry about that. I’m experiencing what you might call Technical Difficulties. And it’s not my computer that’s broken.

January saw the plague sweep through my house, complete with fevers, whiny children, and no spare time. I was trying to hit a couple of crucial book deadlines for 2017 releases and the blog was not a top priority. The plague was followed by news about a new job offer (more on that later this week), and a broken car (more about that never… unless you want to buy me a new car). Being a 1 car family with 6 people, two with jobs, and 3 with extracurricular activities has moved me from commuting 3 hours a day to commuting 7+ hours a day depending on the day.

Those lost 4 hours include blogging time.

What does this mean for you? Less content right now.

The blog is open. The Impulse Buy will continue to come out on Tuesdays (if I can remember to schedule it correctly this week 😛 ). And regular blog content will resume in the next week or so as (hopefully) my schedule evens out. If you are absolutely desperate to hear from me, feel free to check out my Twitter, FaceBook, or Tumblr.

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