Will the ending of BODIES IN MOTION be posted online?

Lovely Reader says…

Hey Liana, I was curious if your serialized version of Bodies in Motion was done at Ch 21, if there are more chapters coming, or if one needs to buy the book to finish the story. Since your site says it’s serialized through 9/8, I just wanted to be sure…

ANSWERS: The original plan was to have the whole book on the blog by Sept-8 (now updated!). That did not happen. The original plan was also for BODIES IN MOTION to be a novella. That. Did. Not. Happen.

So ignore the September 8th finale plans.

Chapter 21 finished posting on Friday, and there are 25 chapters in the finished novel ( which is 88,500 words long – or roughly 350 pages). That means the last chapter will publish after the release date. But it will publish.

CHANGES: With all serial projects like this there are some scenes that get changed in edits. These aren’t major changes, it’s more aesthetic work… fixing the make up, adjusting the typos, giving the pacing a little nip and tuck… If you opt to keep reading the unedited draft on the blog you won’t miss much. If you opt to buy the ebook or print edition you’ll find there’s a little bonus material, including character bios and chapter one of LAWS OF ATTRACTION.

You can pre-order the ebook now for $4.99
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Print Editions will also be at Conflux 2017 in Australia. I will, sadly, not be attending Conflux but Amy Laurens will be there with all the Inkprint titles including the Even Villains… series, Bodies In Motion, and her own Roads Between series.

Signed Editions I haven’t found a local bookstore to partner with for signed editions yet so those are going to be rarer. There will be a giveaway for a signed edition next week, and if you don’t win that you can order a signed edition directly from Inkprint Press starting September-19.


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DECOHERENCE is right around the corner!

I’ll be perfectly honest, when I started writing THE DAY BEFORE over five years ago, I never thought anyone would get to read the first book let alone the final book of the trilogy. This isn’t the ending of Sam and Mac, but it is the close of the mystery of who Jane Doe is, and it’s been a long time coming.

The first two books in the series really opened a lot of doors for Sam, and they made readers ask a lot of questions. I get emails frequently asking about small details. And I want you to know: THOSE ANSWERS ARE COMING. All those questions you’ve been asking about the penny in THE DAY BEFORE, about Connor’s comments in CONVERGENCE POINT, you’re going to get those answers. DECOHERENCE wraps up the original mystery that started with page one of THE DAY BEFORE and, I think, it gives Sam and Mac the emotional closure they need.

Now, that being said, if you absolutely had to, you could read DECOHERENCE by itself. But I really don’t want you to do that. So I went back to my publisher, and I begged, and I wheedled, and I sent some bribes, and they have given me a few more review copies of THE DAY BEFORE and CONVERGENCE POINT to give out to readers who haven’t had a chance to buy them yet. All I am asking in return is that you leave an honest review somewhere on the internet. If you have a review blog site, that’s great. If you would like to leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo that would be even better. Leave it everywhere if you can! All you have to do is to state in the review that you received a review copy for an honest review. And, please, be honest. Something you didn’t like might be a selling point for someone else. You may hate the dog in the book, someone else might really want science fiction with a cute mastiff puppy. You never know.

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