What’s happening now?

Publishing is on of those industries where it looks like nothing is happening until a book hits the market on release day. Secretly, everyone here knows that behind the scenes everything is pure chaos, angst, worry, hard work, and possibly a little bit of magic. It takes a lot to get everything ready for the market. Right now I’m in the middle of the chaos.

Three major projects planned for 2018 became four after a conversation today. My non-writing life has taken an unexpected twist that means more hours of working on non-writing things. The kids are getting older which means more sports, plays, choir trips, and homework help. All of which means fewer hours here at the computer, and less time to blog.

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on in my world…

POLAR TERROR – the story of a super villain who answers a Tumblr ad and winds up at children’s hospital in the Yukon is running on Patreon. This is part of the Heroes & Villains universe but isn’t part of the Even Villains… series. Read it now.

FREE FALL – Firefly’s “The Train Job” meets DARK RUN by Mike Brooks when a crew of cons are blackmailed into stealing a diamond for a warlord. There’s a super max prison, a mercenary in a trench coat, and more explosions than the captain is happy with… – This is done, dusted, and off on query. Hopefully I’ll have some good news about it before the end of the year, because this is a fun book and I know you’ll love it.

LAWS OF ATTRACTION – Rowena Lee is back as the main character of her own book. Following nearly a year after the events of BODIES IN MOTION, Rowena is finely getting the hang of life as a Drill Instructor for the newly reopened Fleet Academy when she’s asked to help identify a murder weapon. One thing leads to another and Rowena is knee deep in mud, blood, and corpses. … Like BODIES IN MOTION this is a sci-fi romance with two main point of view characters and a third minor POV character. Expect to see teasers, snippets, and more this summer with a late fall release date.

HIGH ALTITUDE – Spies, lies, and interstellar art theft… the sequel to FREE FALL, this is slotted to be written later this year. That may change when the status of FREE FALL changes.

WRITE LIKE A VILLAIN – a writing guide with snarky asides from Dr. Charm, Zephyr Girl, and the minions. Slices of writing chapters are going up on the blog, longer pieces are going on Patreon, and the final book will have even more fun stuff. Expect to see this Winter 2018/2019.

EMERALD CITY COMIC CON – I’m going! I’ll be on at least one panel! I might have two panels (although it’s not on the schedule yet!)! I will be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with a panel for sure Thursday afternoon (with Robin Hobb, Seanan McGuire, and some other very awesome ladies). I’m not quite sure what I’ll have in terms of swag and books, but if you’re there, come find me! It’s my first con and I need friends. 🙂