Saying Good-Bye to My Moose

Alaska…. what a crazy adventure.

I’m realizing that most the good things in my life weren’t things I planned for. I didn’t plan to get married in my 20s, or have four kids, or become a writer, or move all over the country every few years. I had my heart set on staying near the equator, working on a boat, and studying marine life. But good things fell in my path and I took a chance. Which led me down curious roads and to places I never imagined going.

Like Alaska.

The Land of the Midnight Sun was never on my itinerary. Not even as a vacation spot. Now it’s hard to believe we’re leaving.

I can’t help it! I’m used to having this view out my window almost every morning. I used to the moose! The long summer days and the clear, blue skies are beautiful! There’s of me that loves a part of Alaska. The summer part. Not the winter part. Definitely the summer part. But I do love it, and I’m going to miss it.

By the time this posts I will probably be in Canada driving through Yukon Territory. I have no idea what’s out there, although I hear bears are common.

I’ll try to take some good pictures and share when I get back to the states. In the meantime, enjoy wherever you are. Bloom where you’re planted. And be ready to go when it’s time to make like a tumbleweed and travel!