#SonOfAPitch Twitter Pitch Time!

Ready to write the perfect Twitter pitch?

The perfect elevator pitch (sometimes called a Logline), is a 1-2 sentence description of your book that summarizes the main idea for a quick sale. It’s the pitch you use on social media, at cons, at book signings, and that librarians, agents, and editors will use to pitch the book to their audiences. An ideal pitch makes your story sound unique and exciting without being too long.

What You Want To Include:
– Setting
– Description of the protagonist
– The problem to be solved
– Description of the antagonist
– Conflict preventing the problem from being solved
– The ultimate goal

What You Don’t Include:
– Proper nouns (names aren’t relevant)
– Irrelevant personal data (age, height, weight, ethnicity, gender, ect… unless one of these is the main trait of a character- ie 120yo scientist with a key to eternal life)
– Information about the author (unless you are writing nonfic with a platform)
– World building details

Let’s try writing a pitch for Harry Potter…
– Setting – England
– Description of the protagonist – A young boy living with his aunt and uncle
– The problem to be solved – Wants a birthday party and friends
– Description of the antagonist – But has an abusive aunt and uncle
– Conflict preventing the problem from being solved – Who haven’t told him
– The ultimate goal – He’s a really popular wizard!

Twitter Pitch: A young English boy who lives with his abusive aunt and uncle discovers he is a wizard with a destiny! (you can probably do better than this)


You may read through the comments but they will not be moderated, and pitches left here will not be workshopped. Thank you for participating in #SonOfAPitch!
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Working In Groups

Raise your hand if you hate group projects.

Raise your hand if you always take over a group project -or- do all the work because no one else will.

Me? I’m both. I don’t play well with others because I do have a dominate personality, a strong idea of what I want done, and some lingering perfectionist tendencies. In other words… I want it done, and I want it done MY WAY.

Guess where this attitude doesn’t fly: EVERYWHERE BUT THE 1%.

If you’re middle class, lower class, classless, you have to work with others. It’s just a fact of life. Work, shopping, even games nowadays require a certain level of social finesse. You need to be able to work together, be a team player, and not kill your healer because they’re being an obnoxious twerp (long story).

Which brings me to the dilemma of the day (not writing related – sorry) and the email sitting in my in-box. The comittee chair for the group I volunteer with keeps changing the schedule, ignoring suggestions, and generally being a flighty creature who I want to silence. Not in a violent way. Maybe just with a bit of duct tape. Or by suspending her email account so she can’t change an activity for the 13th time in two weeks. But I can’t, because this isn’t a fiction story and duct taping people to silence them is frowned upon my my local government.

Moral of the story? Sometimes being a mature adult in the real world kind of sucks. There’s bills, annoying group projects, good causes being ignored, great people who can’t find jobs, and enough bad stuff floating around the news and social media that sometimes you wonder why you couldn’t be a sitcom character so at least everything could be resolved in 30 minutes and there’s a decent chance you’d get some cake.

I’m probably going to shorten my 3000 word email to, “I can be at the June meeting.” and let it go… and by “let it go” I mean I’m going to dive into a book where the good people win, the monsters die, and all is right with the world if you just work hard and stay true to yourself. Because that’s the fantasy I want to become real, and if the only place I can find it is in a book, that’s where I’ll get my fix.


P.S. If any of you wonder why I work under a pen name and don’t tell my neighbors, blog posts like this are a major reason. I like being able to vent online without getting angry emails. 🙂