Saying Goodbye to the Impulse Buy

For the better part of two years each Tuesday morning has been accompanied by the Impulse Buy Book of the Week. A new (or at least new to me) book that is priced under $5 for the ebook. It’s been a great way to explore new genres and introduce readers to books I love.

The early response was great. People enjoyed the books. Authors reported a boost in sales. Everyone seemed happy.

Over the last six months that hasn’t been happening. Fewer readers are tuning in for the weekly postings. Fewer people are opening the emails. Readers no longer seem interested and that’s okay. There are a lot of great book lists, and so many ways to reach readers, that often authors don’t need the extra push from the Impulse Buy. Maybe you already knew the author. Maybe you were tired of reading newsletters. Maybe no one is in the mood for books.

So, it is with fond memories and a touch of sadness that we say goodbye to the beloved Impulse Buy. Our weekly book will be missed.

The Impulse Buy was originally started as a way to promote the books published by the HarperVoyager Impulse line of science fiction and fantasy books. These books were all e-book first with an e-book at a low price point that allowed readers to give new authors a try. It was a fun idea and the Impulse Buy newsletter was our unofficial outlet that welcomed a variety of authors over the years.

Some of those authors hit the bestseller lists. Some of them didn’t. In my personal opinion they were all fun books.

I want to thank all the readers who have read the Impulse Buy, bought the books, and encouraged the careers of these wonderful authors (including me!). Readers make all the uncertainty of publishing worthwhile. When an author has a bad day, it’s you they think about. It’s that one reader who you know needs this book that you write for when you would otherwise succumb to doubt and rejection.

Thank you for reading.

Now, as much as I love books and love talking about books, I’d love to find another way to share books that I love with you. Hit me in the comments and let me know how you find your books, and what you’d like to see on the blog in the future.


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