Midnight Publishing Panic… the BODIES IN MOTION edition…

This is the opening page of BODIES IN MOTION.

Imagine my panic when I opened my ebook at midnight saw the raw draft pre-order-place-holder manuscript rather than this. There was screaming. There was panicking. There was a flurry on problems and discussions with Amazon. And it seems like the glitch was that the final manuscript didn’t upload properly. It’s been reloaded and should be fixed by morning. But, if it isn’t and you don’t see the sun and moon on your digital download, discard and try reloading later in the day.

If you take the book off your ereader, reload, and still don’t see the sun and moon please email me. I’ll send the proper .mobi file to everyone affected with profuse apologies.

The downside of digital (and being human) is that it’s sometimes harder to catch mistakes. I’m sure that in a few years this will make a great story. Right now, not so much, but the proper document is uploaded and on the way. So here’s hoping it all goes through smoothly. 🙂

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