Impulse Buy Book of the Week: LIMELIGHT by Krista D. Ball

Anna Lainey is a successful author who values her privacy. The last person she would imagine herself dating is a movie star–yet when she meets Benjamin Worthington on the set of a major motion picture, sparks fly–and before she knows it, she’s caught up in a very public whirlwind romance.

But Anna has kept herself distant from others for a reason–she has a secret, crippling panic disorder. When Ben’s fans turn against her and begin stalking her, her worst anxieties have come to life. She doesn’t want to live without Ben–but she can’t live in the limelight either.

$4.99 on Amazon

Krista is an adorably trusting Canadian who allows other people to write her bios for her. When she isn’t cooking amazing – and historically accurate – feasts or chasing her small army of teenagers she works with the homeless, helps young authors find their Voice, and writes. She’s an unapologetic geek who likes cosplaying as Spock, and if you visit she will try to force you to appreciate poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese curds… no, we can’t explain, it’s a CANADA THING). She has a B.A. in British History from Mount Allison University and will talk endlessly about historical accuracy if you let her. Find her online at Twitter and on her Website.

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