Gifts For Writers (an incomplete list)

Author Essentials
The things every author really needs but probably won’t mention.

Waterproof Keyboard by Logitech – I’ve had two of these so far (the keys are not kid-proof) and having a washable, waterproof, regular keyboard has been a lifesaver more than once. Authors eat at their desks. They type with sticky fingers. Sometimes they cry. This keyboard clicks and clacks like a normal keyboard, but is waterproof, tear-proof, sink-proof, alcohol-proof, and coffee-proof… it’ll survive rough drafts, late night edits, and award’s night. 

Folding Keyboard from Microsoft – Best. Present. Ever. My crit partner in Europe sent me my first folding keyboard as a gift and I wound up writing most of CONVERGENCE POINT and DECOHERENCE on it. Waterproof, durable, and almost full-sized this thing fits easily in a purse or (larger) pant’s pocket. The keys have a nice give to them which makes typing easy. And it hooks up to any screen via bluetooth so you can email chapters to yourself (or your crit partner). This is a Must Have for authors with long commutes or who spend a lot of time watching kids at practice. I keep one in my purse so I can write on the go, and one by my bed so I can write if I wake up in the middle of the night. I haven’t charged either of them in over two months and the batteries are still fine.

Post-It Notes – Not glamorous, but so good for plotting. Get a sticky plot unstuck with these stickies.

Pens – Every author has a favorite writing utensil and without fail it will go missing. I love the Pilot G2 pens (07), but check your author’s writing space to see what they use. Trust me, you can never go wrong with pens. If you want something a little bit fancier check out SpacePen.

Notebook – I keep a small notebook with me at all times, just in case. There are thousands of cute and amazing notebooks suitable for your author’s lifestyle, so go find one that reflects what they love! Evil Supply Co is a great place for the villains out there. Etsy also has an amazing collection of unique and personalized notebooks worthy of your attention.


Author Favorites
Curated from extensive polling of other authors these are the books that helped make the book you love great!

NO PLOT NO PROBLEM – This one is from Chris Baty of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) fame. This is the book for the person who says they want to write a novel but doesn’t have ideas, or any idea how to start, or really any clue what they’re doing. It’s for the author who needs to answer WHAT do I write?

2000 to 10,000 – This is based on Rachel’s original blog post HERE and is a great resource for authors who are figuring out HOW to write rather than WHAT to write. Perfect for the author in your life who worries that they’ll never get all their great ideas down on paper. Caveat! Tell your author not to worry about how many words they actual get. The goal here is to improve word count, not hit the magical 10k a day. You can be an amazing, published, award-winning author on a lot less.

THE EMOTION THESAURUS – You can buy the whole set of thesaurus(us/i/?) for around $45, but the Emotion Thesaurus is the one I use the most. This is the book you reach for when your editor says, “Show him being suspicious!” and you’re at a loss for words. 

DESCRIBER’S DICTIONARY – This is another book that I regularly reach for while editing. Whether you’re describing architecture, cloud types, or shapes of mountains this is a phenomenal resource for anyone who gets stuck going, “The mountain was pointy” and then crying for three hours. Save your author a headache and give them this handy resource!

BOOK OF POISONS – A Must Have for the crime writing set, this book has detailed lists of poisons, symptoms, and where you could find the poison. There are several books in this series, so surprise the mastermind in your life with books on forensics, crime scenes, and more! They’ll thank you later. Or kill you… Maybe play it safe and buy them a non-work present to go with this.

WHAT KINGS ATE AND WIZARDS DRANK – For the fantasy writers wondering what their ranger would actually eat while hacking through the bushes, this is your How-To guide for feeding people in a low-tech society. Krista did amazing research on this, cooked some of the recipes, and your fantasy author will thank you for this. HUSTLERS, HARLOTS, AND HEROES is a Regency/Steampunk reference guide by the same author.

WRITING FIGHT SCENES – Not everyone is a natural brawler and it’s sometimes hard to put Kick-kick-slash-scream-kick into words. Enter this highly recommended guide. This is the resource for the author who wants to write a fight and just doesn’t know how.


Author Encouragment
The little things matter. Keep your writer happy and fueled with these cute gifts that scream BUY MY BOOK!!!

I’M WRITING Sign – Let everyone know that the author is busy with this sign perfect for hanging on the office door, over the window, or off the desk.


Bookish Clothing – Out Of Print Clothing has amazing t-shirts, socks, mugs, and more with some of the best books ever written!

Litographs – A whole novel on a t-shirt is a bit of a novelty, but if your author is a fan of books they’ll be a fan of these too. They have everything from Shakespeare, to Maya Angelou, to Marissa Meyer’s CINDER. It’s one of the places where I walk in and say, “Yes, please, one of everything.”


Sweet Things– Showing a slight Chicago bias here, but Fannie May Trinidads are my favorite treat. (subtle-hints-r-us) Sweet treats for late-night writing sessions are always welcome.



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