Indie Author Launch Prep

$25 – Polish and perfect your blurb, your first five pages, and I help you write up to 5 elevator pitches/twitter pitches.

You spent time making sure the cover was perfect. You’ve edited this manuscript to death. You’ve been dreaming of the day this book goes live and now you’re staring at that upload page and Amazon is asking you to describe your book…

The back-of-book blurb can make or break a book. You need to tease your readers, get them to open their wallets, and get them invested in the story without giving away too much. The back-of-cover-blurb is the burlesque of the literary world. Let’s make yours tantalizing!

For $25 I’ll review your blurb, help you rewrite it if necessary, go over your first five pages with a fine-toothed comb so there are zero mistakes in your sample pages, and help you develop five elevator pitches to use for advertising.

What is an elevator pitch? This is the 1-2 sentence description you use to sell your book fast. You’ll use it on social media and at cons. Librarians will use it to entice readers. Your fans will use it to sell your book to their friends. You can read more about it HERE or check out a cute video about it HERE.

This option is also good for authors on a tight budget. The mistakes you make in the first few pages are all visible here. If you know how to take editing suggestions, this critique will give you everything you need to edit your manuscript without paying for a full manuscript critique.

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