Full Manuscript Critique

$1/page (TNR size 12 font) – A comprehensive developmental edit with editing letter.
Minimum Fee – $100 (20,000 words)

What is a developmental edit? Think of it as boot camp for your book. Your emotional scenes get stronger, your action scenes get fiercer, your prose loses the flab and comes out fab.

Developmental, or content edits are the second stage of editing. After you’ve gone through and made sure you’ve used the same name for your hero, haven’t left any scenes that way [insert fight here], and have done a basic spellcheck you hand your manuscript to a beta reader or editor to find the plot flaws.

Then you give the manuscript to me. I look at pacing, plot, character development, and context within the genre then tell you where things are working and where you need to do some major work. Content edits keep your book from being flabby, slowly paced, or meandering to the point where you lose your readers.

After a content edit your book will need at least one round of revisions (possibly more), and then a line edit to find any grammatical errors or typos.

Why invest in a full manuscript critique? There are only two good reason to invest this kind of cash in your career:
1) You are an Indie author and want to write the best book possible.
2) You are an author who wants to be traditionally published but your manuscript has been rejected by more than twenty agents even after you revised the query.

The indie market is flooded. Over 1 million new books are published each year, and 99.9% of those books are published and never read by anyone but the author’s friends and family. No amount of marketing, Amazon-genre trickery, or desperate tweets will make your book sell if the writing sucks. A developmental edit is a necessary step if you want to write a competitive book.

There are no shortcuts to greatness.

+ Add a query critique for $15

To reserve a space please contact me at liana.brooks1@gmail.com