Contest Critique

$30 – A developmental edit for the chapters that will be critiqued in the contest and a full blur/query workup so your entry shines!

What is a developmental edit? Think of it as boot camp for your book. Your emotional scenes get stronger, your action scenes get fiercer, your prose loses the flab and comes out fab.

I look at pacing, plot, character development, and context within the genre then tell you where things are working and where you need to do some major work. Content edits keep your book from being flabby, slowly paced, or meandering to the point where you lose your readers.

Clean opening chapters impress judges. With a beautiful blurb to go with it, you have a winning combination!

This option is also good for authors on a tight budget. The mistakes you make in the first few pages are all visible here. If you know how to take editing suggestions, this critique will give you everything you need to edit your manuscript without paying for a full manuscript critique.

+ Add an elevator pitch review for $5

To reserve a space please contact me at