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Science Fiction and Romance
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My Life in 30 Seconds: I was born in San Diego. I’ve lived in Chicago, Denver, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Kansas, Alaska, and no Washington.  I have four kids, one husband, and one giant mastiff puppy who thinks she’s a lap dog. I write superhero romance, the Heroes and Villains series, SF thrillers with killers in the Time and Shadows series with HarperCollins, and deep space SFR in the Newton’s Laws series from Inkprint Press.

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The Story Behind the Socks: I have polka dot socks, fuzzy socks, shark socks, toe socks, everything but white socks! Growing up all I ever had were white socks. They came in packages of six for a few dollars and it took less than a month to wear a hole in the toe. When I left for college I decided to make some serious changes to my wardrobe. I tossed all the white socks without ceremony and stocked up on the fun stuff for the days I wasn’t wearing sandals. Best. Decision. Ever!


Here is a picture of Puppy when she was 6 weeks old for all of you who came only because of the puppy pictures.Charlie 1


cvg3srpxeaiaz9qA one-year-old Puppy looking cute and sleepy. She is a tiny version of Hoss from THE DAY BEFORE and CONVERGENCE POINT.