All Romance eBooks is Closing…. Now What?

At least some of you are aware by now that All Romance eBooks has announced they are closing their doors as of December 31st. And while none of my recent books were for sale at ARe, I know some of you originally purchased the Heroes and Villains series through them.
All Romance eBooks has decided to close it’s doors without honoring sales or royalties for books purchased one or after December 27th (a day before the announcement was made – I am hoping this is a typo, but no one has confirmed that belief yet). Because of that, I discourage you from purchasing anything else for ARe in the coming days, but do encourage you to download all your purchases and save them off site.
It’s always discouraging to see another indie site closed.
Like the small presses, indie sites like ARe have been hit hard by changes in the tax laws in the UK, and by the exponential growth of Amazon and the Kindle Unlimited program. Casual readers stick to the big sites, the big presses, and the big authors.
ARe was a wonderful place to find new romance authors that were often overlooked in the bigger stores, and despite their unhappy ending, they will be missed.
If any of you lose your copies of the Heroes & Villains series as ARe closes down, please use the link on my website ( to contact me. I’m more than happy to send you a replacement.
If you’re looking for a way to stop the wave of small press and small business closures, I recommend you check out your local bookstore and make it a goal in 2017 to order new books through them.
Check out to find a local bookstore near you.
My pre-signed books can be ordered from Fireside Books in Palmer (
Supporting Indie bookstores puts money back in your community and allows unique and diverse voices to thrive.
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9 thoughts on “All Romance eBooks is Closing…. Now What?

  1. I never even got a notice. I tried for two weeks to get into their site. Not only did I have hundreds of books that I hadn’t downloaded but ebucks as well. To hear they gave people three days was outrageous. Another site Fictionwise which was owned by Barnes and noble also closed several years ago but they gave you weeks to download all your books.

  2. I was a member with all romance for years I miss them so much but could you please tell me what other website that I can go to that was similar or it’s like the there’s

    1. As far as I know, there isn’t another site like ARe. I’m checking with my Twitter contacts though. If anyone has a suggestion, I’ll post it on the blog. 🙂

  3. I am an avid reader of mm romance books. All romance was a great site to find the ebooks I loved. I wasn’t aware until after the site closed that all of my ebooks would be gone. There was no email sent telling that they we’re closing. I wasn’t able to finish downloading them. My library was extensive and now it is gone. There has to be a way to access them . Any help that you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Kate, I don’t know if there is any help to be offered. If you have a copy or screen shot of what you owned you could try going through legal channels. I know several authors involved with this debacle are preparing a lawsuit. You could also try contacting individual authors, letting them know you purchased their book through ARe, and weren’t able to download it. Most would want proof, and if the book was on ARe through a publisher the author might not be able to help, but I don’t know if there’s any other options at this time.

      What ARe did was horrible. Businesses close for many reasons, but there’s no excuse for taking author’s royalties or for erasing the libraries of the readers without giving them ample warning.

    2. I am exactly in your same situation. I am so disappointed. I had many books that I really wanted to read in my library and that I paid for. I reside in Italy and it will be almost impossible for me to be part of any lawsuit. I am mad.

      1. From what I’m seeing, most publishers who had books listed through ARe are honoring sales. If you purchased or pre-ordered books, contact the publisher with your proof-of-purchases (and email would work fine) and most will send you a new copy.

        Indie authors who sold books through ARe are also honoring the sales in most cases. So try contacting them (most should have an email listed on their website).

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