A Quick Check-In

Hello, lovelies!

Winter break is officially over and that means you’re probably expecting some blog posts. Let’s be honest, so was I! But, in the grand tradition of school kids everywhere, my youngest started the second semester with a fever that kept her home. That in turn meant I just rescheduled the next two weeks to catch up on everything I was supposed to do today.

This is what physicists call Entropy, normal people call Chaos, and some people call Murphy’s Law. If things can wrong, they will!

The good news is I am alive, I have a new prescription of designer iron pills so I can keep the chronic anemia in check, and new books are getting written. The bad news is that the blog is not a top priority at the moment. There are some behind-the-scenes things happening with editing, and Inkprint Press, and new books, and Real Life that are keeping me busy. Something has to slide, the blog is most likely to slide.

All the information you need to find my books, my buy links, and me are readily available. Writing tips are available if you are looking for those.

For everything else there is Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Patreon, and Tumblr.

Twitter: my main lifeline to the world outside Washington. I’m always here talking about everything.
Facebook: Strictly books and SF stuff.
Pintrest: Boards for my books… I don’t use it much but there may be some Polar Terror and LAWS OF ATTRACTION updates soon.
Patreon: Short stories, behind-the-scene stuff, long form posts of the short posts you see here.
Tumblr: Fandom stuff. Come for the Star Trek jokes and stay for the Humans Are Weird posts (proceed with caution).

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