Missed Calls -or- How I Got My Agent

Monday morning I arrived home from the grocery store at 9:06. My phone was upstairs charging, and I felt calm and in control. Then I looked at the clock again, remembered that Marlene lives in Florida which is an hour ahead of me in the Midwest, and ran upstairs.

Yeah…. two missed phone calls.

I had an agent who wanted to talk representation, and I missed her phone calls. Not so professional.

This would have been a good place to break down and cry about lost hopes and dreams, but I like my Happily Ever Afters darn it and I was going for it. So I called back. And Marlene answered. And we laughed over the silly mistake. And we talked for two hours. And, well….
I am now officially represented by the fabulous, patient, and talented Marlene Stringer of Stringer Lit!!!
JANE DOE has a home! I have an agent! All this craziness, and editing, and worrying, and hard work… it pays off! And, you know what? This isn’t where the story ends. This is where the adventure begins. There is a whole, wide universe just waiting for me. And as River Tam says…